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Introducing And Sharing ONPASSIVE With You

A little about me…

I have had a few websites before and still do. The Sharp Marketing Pro Online Digital Products Download Store and The Sharp Marketing Pro Blog are still live on the internet. In all my website my intention is to always provide to the viewer the best experience that I know how to provide. I am by no means an expert at building websites. What I have done in all of them is to provide legitimate, viable products that are useful and trendy.

A little about me… The Journey

I became a full-time online marketer five years ago. The journey was not easy but I really stuck to it.

Why? Well, it promised financial independence as the likely hood of making big looked very promising.

Well, I had a lot to learn and many failures to endure. I am still at it after five years of trying and I guess I will never quit.

I have sorted out the pros and cons of online marketing and find that it still gives a person the chance to make a good living when all else has failed.

It was in early 2019 that a friend of mine whom I had sponsored into another online business said to me that she has something for me to take a look at. So I said go ahead send it to me. She sent it forthwith, and  I could not believe my ears as I listened to a successful online marketer explain the conundrum we found ourselves in, and what he was going to do about it.

Look if you don’t have some money and patience in this game you will not make it. I had some scruples with the way it was being done. The average Joe was going to fail because of what I saw as the privileged few. They were at the top and making all of the money, while we kept running from shiny object to shiny object with the same result. The playing field of internet marketing was certainly not level. Somebody has to level it and give all marketers a chance to be successful.

A little about me… The solution

Ash Mufarah was the man who six months earlier had laid out plans to change the internet game worldwide. After listening to him and knew he was being truthful I signed up right away. Today 2 years and six months later we stand on the thresh-hold of a major launch of what I believe will be the biggest AI Tech Business Company the world will have seen. I am in as a founder.

Today we have 836,000+ founders worldwide. This is a phenomenon. A massive movement to correct the way things are done in the internet world. It is because of this I am still in the game. We are going to win finally. 

Below this, I will be sharing this great business and give you a chance to become a founder as well. After Launch the foundership will end and will not be ever offered again. 

ONPASSIVE office Building in Hyderabad India
ONPASSIVE Office Building In Hyderabad India

A few features of ONPASSIVE

The Sharp Marketing Pro

            This Is For All

ONPASSIVE will distinctly attract attention as it is the platform for everyone. If you are new in the industry or have been in it for years.

ONPASSIVE has clearly kept in mind that it is global, and it has been designed likewise.

The Sharp Marketing Pro

          AI Induced

You cannot find a better way to implement AI in your business than with ONPASSIVE. Every product is meticulously hand-crafted by experts, and by those experts keeping in mind all of your business needs. This is so that, you get the optimum results which you have always been looking for with us. 

The Sharp Marketing Pro

            It Is Hands-Free 

ONPASSIVE is a uniquely coded plug-and-play system, that is the first of its kind ever built. ONPASSIVE is fully automated. A click of the mouse is all you need to get things going. It gets your business going even when you are sleeping or on vacation.

Please watch the video below to learn more about ONPASSIVE